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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Speak Up For Your State Parks

P W & S Trail - Looking down the spur in Laurel Summit State Park.

Pennsylvania’s DCNR has on its web site “Hot List” the Conservation Landscape Initiative. Throughout the commonwealth, large regions are working together to drive strategic investment and actions around sustainability, conservation, community revitalization, and recreational projects. These collaborations are developing in landscapes where there are strong natural assets, local readiness and buy-in, and state level investment support. Ligonier is a tourism gateway within one of these regional priorities, the Laurel Highlands.

Our trail has the opportunity to blend the goals of economic development and outdoor recreational opportunities, with the goals of the Initiative which are to:
  • revitalize core communities and expand local and regional economies through sustainable resource use and development

  • conserve, restore, and improve ecological (aquatic and terrestrial), cultural, historic, and recreational resources of the region to sustain economic growth

  • build capacity and constituency in the region to implement and maintain the revitalization of communities and sustainability of the ecological, cultural, historic, and recreational resources of the region
The Laurel Highlands Conservation Landscape Initiative Fact Sheet

Those of you reading the local papers have seen the troubling news of the possibility of 35 state parks being closed in Pennsylvania.

Three parks in our region have been mentioned as possibilities for this list. These ecological, cultural, historic and recreational resources are important to Ligonier and the Laurel Highlands and need our protection. We hope the public responds in support of keeping all of our parks open.

Please contact you representatives and speak up for your state park recreational areas.

For Ligonier citizens, contact:

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