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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dog Parks

Most people we know have pets, and often our animals become part of the family. We might even say they become like children. How many of you have bought presents for your animals? Doesn't that say something about how we feel about them?Robert J. Gangewere, Ph.D., the Ligonier Recreation Board Vice President, made the suggestion of a dog park being developed as part of the pedestrian/bike trail in Ligonier, and the idea has gathered steam. Residents and visitors alike have asked about it.

Just researching dog park information on the Internet reveals the popularity and the success of ventures around the world. The idea has been thoroughly tested, and it is a very good option for communities that want recreation alternatives. For while the dogs are socializing and recreating, so are the people.
The ideal dog park is a designated, fenced-in area where people can bring their dogs to play and run off-leash. A dog park can be a great place to share and distribute information pertaining to dog care and training. For dog owners with limited mobility, it can be a place to socialize with other dog owners and exercise their dogs.

Some of the parks are free, and some require a fee or membership. Most are off leash and fenced, but some are not. Some are segregated for large and small dogs. There are indoor facilities, and ones with swimming pools. What they all require are rules, and users who follow these rules, to have maximum satisfaction and safety for dogs, and owners.
One cannot ignore the potential for problems, and the following site "Dog Bite Law" gets right to them. At the same time it offers solutions.

In Pennsylvania there are over 50 dog parks listed under several sites. The DCNR has been involved with the development of several of them. We ask people that would like to see a dog park in Ligonier, experience one beforehand in their travels, and share their experience.

There is widespread enthusiasm for a potential off-leash dog park along the trail close to Ligonier, where residents and visitors could take their pets for exercise. Whether a dog park is a feasible addition to the trail project remains to be discovered, however, if a suitable location can be identified now and integrated as part of a wider pedestrian/biking trail grid, the construction of such a park would seem more economical. Input from the community will be very important. Sharing this information and more can lead us on our way to developing a successful plan.

Dog Park Proposal information:


Anonymous said...

A dog park would be very nice to have in Ligonier! We have been searching for a place to take our dog! We have a husky and we don't have a fenced in yard so we would LOVE a place to take him to blow off some of his energy!!!!

RS said...

Come say "hello" and talk to us about the trail on August 8th at the Country Market. We have a lot of dog park fans. We are hoping to come up with a good location with the help of the feasibility study next year. If you have ideas, let us in on them.

Thanks for writing!

Anonymous said...

A dog park would be great in Ligonier. My chilren and I always watch "It's Me or the Dog" with Victoria Stilwell on Animal Planet. We are truly amazed at many off-leash dog parks the Brits have and how of they just love walking their dogs.

RS said...

Thanks for the note Anonymous "2".

I will make an effort to look for this show. Can you clue me and the rest of us to when the show airs?

Anonymous said...

"It's Me or the Dog" airs on Animal Planet through the week, Mon-Fri, @ 9:00 am (EST). These are the old episodes. (Victoria Stilwell is a dog trainer from the UK and comes into people's homes and helps them train their dogs).

A new season started on Saturday, Aug. 8, 2009, on Animal Planet @ 9:00 pm. However, I think these episodes are taking place here in America.

I hope that helps! :)

RS said...

Shades of those Nanny shows. Eh?? I'll try and catch this program.

My daughter and I were addicted to the "Dog Whisperer" on National Geographic a year ago or more.

I say its always good to learn from other people's mistakes!

Anonymous said...

Great posts, especially this one – thank you! :-)