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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bike Racks

The Ligonier Township Recreation Board has been working on a project since its May meeting - providing bike racks for Ligonier.
Board President, Sharon Detar pointed out that there are no bike racks for people to leave their bicycles safely parked. In order to make the community more bicycle friendly, she emphasized the need for the racks so that cyclists would feel welcome.
The board reviewed available bicycle racks and is currently working with the Ligonier Country Market to place one at their location. We have informally presented the idea to the Borough for consideration, and hope to find a rack location convenient for those riding to the center of town.
Also, in the coming weeks, we plan to spend one or two Saturdays at the Country Market to show our plans to the community, and raise funds to provide more racks for residents and visitors with bikes.
The neat thing about bike racks is that they offer an opportunity for towns and communities to provide art and function in one.
In researching bike racks, one only needs to click on the 1600 Flickr photos to see the variety and creativity.
The City of New York sponsored a competition this year and the following site will show you the unique entries. CityRacks Design Competition . The CITYRACKS program of New York City is a good place to look for guidelines for placement of racks. CITYRACKS is a program run by the New York City Department of Transportation that provides FREE sidewalk bicycle parking racks throughout New York City to encourage cycling for commuting, short trips and errands. Towns create racks that complement the total vision of the area. Other areas have racks that complement the business they serve. The imagination is the only limit.
What style do you envision for Ligonier?

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