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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August News and Reading

Bicycle commuters were passing automobiles on the George Washington Memorial Parkway (Aug. 4, 2009) just near the Jefferson Memorial.
After taking many Bike Lane, bollard, bike rack, and commuter pictures in Washington D.C. last week-end (with much envy), my next day home, this article came along in my E-news.
Biking in Washington D.C.
So now I have a chance to show what I saw in Washington, DC.

Bike racks outside the Washington Nationals Ballpark and signs to the park from the Smithsonians.
Then yesterday's (8-8-09) Pittsburgh Tribune-Review had this article about bike lanes, closer to home. Pittsburgh's bike lanes peddle sharing the road
And today the NY Times posted this article about Boston's efforts to become bike friendly. There is a great opening picture of their green bike lane.

Bus and bike lane - DC

The message in all these articles are generally the same about the advantages, and disadvantages of bicycle transportation. But the more we educate drivers and bikers, the better the system works.

These bollards are simple and practical.
Yesterday, during our morning at the Ligonier Country Market, the message about our Phase Two Feasibility Study, I realize, is very much the same. Part of what is needed is markings and education to provide a safe environment for everyone using the roads. Lets keep learning from others to make our project work.Family at the FDR Memorial
P.S. In between, I did take pictures of the sights of the city! The WWII Memorial.


Diane Cipa said...

I've biked in downtown Pittsburgh. We chained our bikes up in the garage under our hotel and just jaunted out in the morning. At first it felt VERY strange then I felt just like a kid biking around our neighborhood. Try the jail trail and then bike over the Smithfield Street bridge to the South Side - what a great ride!

I can't wait until Ligonier is safely bike friendly. I want to jaunt out from my house and bike into town and beyond.

RS said...

Biking is that happy medium between walking and being stuck in a car, especially in cities with many stops to see, and parking being limited.

The bike friendliness of Chicago really opened my eyes a few summers ago. It can be done.

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