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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Regional Trail Corporation - Annual Retreat 2010

On January 30, Sharon Detar, Bob Gangewere and I represented the Ligonier Valley Trail at the Regional Trail Corporation's (RTC) Annual Retreat, attended by over 70 people from the region.The three of us we were able to attend all the workshops presented that day, and gained much knowledge to bring back to our trail. **(See description of sessions following the post)The River Is Our Resource was the title of the presentation where the Laurel Highlands Initiative was included. Brad Clemenson of the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) explained how the rivers are being developed as water trails.Kristin Sewak, Director, Natural Biodiversity, spoke of sustainable trail maintenance. We plan the have this organization involved in our trail head development. Edward K. Muller began his presentation with a slide show of pictures covering 30 years of trail development that were taken by co-author, Paul g. Wiegman.The presentation featured The Uncommon Passage: Traveling Through History on the Great Allegheny Passage, a book that should be included in everyone's library.We look forward to being include in a future slide show of success in trail development! The retreat was a great opportunity for inspiration and knowledge from experienced trail builders. Our own Bob Gangewere contributed to a section of the book, and added his thoughts to the main presentation. Congratulations Bob!
Our thanks to Malcolm Sias, President of the RTC , for including us in this retreat. He has also been a huge source of information and advice for the Ligonier Valley Trail development.
Ligonier Valley Trail had the opportunity to display its maps of the proposed Phase Two, with Phase One included. We generated interest and advice, as well as support for our efforts. It was a good opportunity to talk to people about the future we see for Ligonier and how it connects to other projects in the area.


JANUARY 30, 2010 (Saturday)

12:00-1:30 Lunch w/ Keynote Speakers

The Uncommon Passage: Traveling Through History on the Great Allegheny Passage


  1. The River is our Resource

Did you know that there is an active water trail program in PA? Much of our trail system is along the recently completed Youghiogheny River Water Trail. This session will discuss interaction between the land and water trail and environmental issues related to the river.

  1. Trail Monitoring Program

Trail monitors are important to make sure that our users are having a good and safe time. Trail monitors are our ambassadors on the trails. Without monitors our trail system would not be successful. This is a mini-session of our Trail Monitor Training.

  1. Trail Maintenance

We all struggle with keeping our trail in good condition. Do you know how often to mow or what to do if you have a major washout? This session is about sharing best practices to keep our trail in tip top shape. Please take this opportunity to talk to our panel of experts.

  1. Fundraising

There are a lot of small grant opportunities to out there to help the RTC do our job better. Whether you need a small amount of funding to resurface a piece of trail or a large capital grant please come to learn about what is out there and how to go about raising the funds.

  1. Trail Towns Program

The Trail Towns Program is having a major impact on the towns that are along our trails. Come to this session to hear about the major accomplishments and some initiatives that we can all learn from to make our trails better.

  1. Modes of Transport Policy

Our trails are open for non-motorized use. We have developed a policy to formalize what “modes of transport” are permissible. Please be a part of this interactive discussion to help us make a good decision for future use.

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