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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Forbes Trail Chapter of Trout Unlimited Announces Mill Creek Conservation Grant

April 14, 2011 Release
Forbes Trail Chapter of Trout Unlimited announces it has been awarded a Coldwater Heritage Partnership conservation grant. This grant will be used to continue trout habitat restoration and stream bank stabilization on lower Mill Creek adjacent to the new Ligonier Valley Trail & Bikeway.

This long overdue stream work will not only improve trout fishing but contribute to reducing flooding in Ligonier Borough, and protect Ligonier’s new trail bridge.

The project will be undertaken in cooperation with the Loyalhanna Watershed Association, the Westmoreland Conservation District, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, and the Ligonier Township Recreation Board.

Coldwater Heritage Partnership grants are funded by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the PA Fish and Boat Commission, the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds and the PA Council of Trout Unlimited. This grant is the first given by the partnership to implement projects identified in Forbes Trail Chapter’s Mill Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan developed under the leadership of past president Ken Vallino.

Since publishing its plan in 2005, the chapter has completed more than 25 stream bank restoration and trout habitat improvement projects along Mill Creek.

Attesting to the importance of the project, the chapter received this response from former Ligonier resident Jim Kurtz, “My brother drowned in Mill Creek in 1941. An unstable bank collapsed when he and a friend, against parental warnings, snuck off to scout promising trout hot spots. He was 5 years old. Trout fever runs in our veins. Let's get those banks stabilized.”

For more information please visit Forbes Trail’s Website

Monty Murty, President

Forbes Trail Chapter, Trout Unlimited

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