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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Please Join Us In Meeting the Challenge to Build the Bridge

Trail Friends and Followers:

We have an opportunity to finish raising our budget for the bridge we need over Mill Creek THIS YEAR. We need you individuals and businesses to come through to raise this $20,000 match.

A version of the letter below has gone out, or is going out, this month. Please read this and share it with your friends and neighbors who also want to see good things happen in Ligonier like you do.

November 2011

Ligonier Valley Trail/Mill Creek Bridge Project in Ligonier

Dear Friends of the Ligonier Valley Trail:

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to donate toward our end of year fund drive. Through a matching grant that we have secured, your donation will receive a dollar to dollar match up to $20,000.00. We need the additional $40,000, with your donation matched one to one, to complete the fundraising to purchase and install a prefabricated bridge and ramp to connect the Ligonier Valley Trail over Mill Creek. The one to one match and other funding for the bridge will expire on December 31, 2011. The time is now!

Ligonier Borough and Township, and the Loyalhanna Watershed Association are partners in this project. The Forbes Trail Chapter of Trout Unlimited will complete the necessary Mill Creek Stream Restoration & Trout Habitat Reconnection project, to protect and prevent further erosion around the existing historic abutments. The bridge is located next to Ligonier Borough’s Weller Field, the area’s public sports complex, and is very accessible to all local residents. This portion of our trail will have great public visibility, and gain from the accessibility of two municipalities to all the recreation in our area.

The Mill Creek Bridge project takes the historical foundation of the old LVRR railroad bridge and brings it back to life and use for anyone and everyone: a soccer player from the Borough; a carpool mom needing some quiet time; a hotel visitor wanting a bike ride in the countryside; a community group organizing a fundraising road race. Although we have a plan that connects miles of our roads and trails, without the bridge, the trail cannot reach its unlimited potential.

Biking opportunities for youngsters and casual riders in Ligonier are weak at this time. We have a local bicycling community that travels elsewhere for their biking needs. This bridge will provide the foundation for trail growth and activity within our immediate area. Our effort is to make our trail a source of activity for the locals and visitors, therefore providing new business opportunities, strengthening existing ones, raising awareness of our natural and cultural assets, and expanding the length of time and the amount of dollars people spend in the Ligonier Valley. Our future plans, as outlined in the Ligonier Valley Trail Feasibility Study, will generate trails and bikeways in all directions.

The Ligonier Valley Trail creates a major attraction in our Laurel Highlands, and adds one more great reason to live in or visit Ligonier. The Mill Creek Bridge, the project for which we seek your financial assistance, is key to making our dream, our vision, a reality.

Thank you in advance for your tax deductible donation to this valuable project. Donations of $1,000 and above will be recognized at the bridge dedication.


Please make your check payable to LWA; Memo- Bridge Challenge.

Mail to: LWA, 110 Andi Lane, Ligonier, PA 15658.

For more information, please call Cathy Johnston at 724 238 7560, or email

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