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Monday, November 7, 2011

Twelve Mini Grants Approved

Ligonier Township Recreation Board is pleased to be one of the groups awarded a grant in the amount of $15,000.00. Our Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor Grant is to go toward the purchase and installation of a prefabricated bridge and ramp at the site of the old Ligonier Valley Railroad bridge in Ligonier for pedestrian and bicycle recreation. This bridge is the key connector to all our recreation areas and allows full use of the railbed from Ligonier Township and Borough. It will fill the gap that we are looking at in the photo below.The following article is reproduced from the Laurel Highlands CLI Volume 3, No. 5 Newsletter of August 18, 2011
The National Road Heritage Corridor and the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor have awarded 12 grants to nonprofits and municipalities in the Laurel Highlands. Grant funding orginates from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to support the Laurel Highlands CLI.

Recipients were: Allegheny Ridge Corporation, Casselman River Watershed, City of Greensburg, City of Johnstown, Coal and Coke Trail Chapter, Johnstown Redevelopment Authority, Latrobe Community Revitalization Partnership, Ligonier Township Recreation Board, Mountain Watershed Association, the Progress Fund, Stonycreek Quemahoning Initiative and Wharton Township.

The projects all require at least a one-to-one match, so the grants will leverage more than $100,000 in additional money. Projects were given priority if they were located in communities and parks along four focus landscapes - Laurel Ridge, Chestnut Ridge, the Stonycreek River/Johnstown area, and the Great Allegheny Passage rail trail.

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